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DHI Method Hair Transplant

The DHI method is a hair transplant procedure that takes into account the comfort of the transplanting surgeon and his team, as well as the aesthetics of the patient. Thanks to the DHI hair transplant devices produced by the leading medical companies, hair transplantation has become more efficient and modern.

For the hair roots removed for transplanting, no holes / channels have to be drilled in the area where they are used and the hair roots are directly planted with a special device.

Due to the fact that no channels have to be opened in the area to be used, more roots can be planted and this allows a more intensive implantation.

By using this technique, the healing process is shorter than in other methods.

The most important advantage of the DHI method is implantation density.

Thanks to the hair transplant devices used in this method, the hair roots are transferred directly in the desired direction, resulting in a more natural appearance.

The hemorrhagic state caused by the FUE method does not exist in the DHI method. Due to the use of the nano-tips of the hair transplantation devices the bleeding is minimal.

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