Eyebrow Transplantation Package

Natural Appearance

We shave a small area where we can get roots as much as we need to do such a sensitive eyebrow transplant , we will take this stitches one by one by micro motor , and this will be special because we need to use grafts containing single hair in brow sowing ,we separate the grafts 2 or 3 into single stem containing hair .

PRP Treatments

In addition to Eyebrow Transplantation we offer 2 session of prp or plasma treatment for our clients . The purpose of this treatment is to ensure that the transplanted haır follicles grow strongly and that weak hair will go by heavily and strongly appearance .


We are offering 3 nights within 4 days as an accommodation in a 5 stars hotel to make this therapeatic journey more comfortable.


Our services will start from the moment that client will be here in Istanbul , the driver will recive you to pick you up so all the transfer while the client staying in Istanbul for treatment untill they get back home again.

Medicine And Shampoo

As we trust our products , we recommend to use and attend the healthcare powered by medicine and shampoo made especialy by Aslı Tarcan , you should use this package to make hair grow faster and stronger after operation.

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