Hair Transplantation Package

Maximum Grafts in One Session

We are planting maximum grafts , so price will not be related to the amount of per graft , we provide the best service to our clients to get successful results . Hair transplantation is a requires of experience and expertise .

PRP Treatment

In addition to hair transplantation we offer 2 session of prp or plasma treatment for our clients . The purpose of this treatment is to ensure that the transplanted hair follicles to grow strongly and activate the weak hair.


We are offering 3 nights within 4 days as an accommodation in a 5 stars hotel to make this medical journey more comfortable.


Our services start from the moment that client arrive to Istanbul , the driver will be ready for you at airport so all the transfer included to package the client staying in Istanbul for treatment untill they get back home again .

Medicine And Shampoo

We provide high quality hair care products to use and attend the healthcare powered by medicine and shampoo made especially by Asli Tarcan , recommend our clients to use this package to make hair grow faster and stronger after operation .

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